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8-week online course:

Creating within the Ground of Being

Tuesdays Aug1 - Sept 19, cost $500

(Classes and materials also available asynchronously)

Many spiritual teachings contain a tension between constructed approaches in which one actively creates desired states of mind and body, and unconstructed approaches in which one finds the underlying truth of being and lets go into it without attempting to alter it in any way. Both have their advantages and pitfalls. In this course we will explore differences between the two, how to attune to the ground of being, and how to manifest our authentic enlightened intent and vision within its context.

to register for events send email to:

Zoran Josipovic, PhD, teaches Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience in the Psychology Department, New York University, and is a research associate at NYU Langone Medical Center. With his wife, Judith Blackstone, he is a director of Nonduality Institute, an independent center for science and practice of nonduality. Zoran is a long-term meditation practitioner in the Tibetan Buddhist, Zen and Advaita Vedanta traditions, and is one of the leading neuroscientists researching nondual meditation and the brain.


Realization Process Teacher Certification Training Programs

With Judith Blackstone

All of the trainings prepare and certify you to teach an aspect of the Realization Process: meditation, embodiment, and spiritual psychotherapy.  The main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening are taught in each of the trainings, along with specific practices that apply to the focus of the training.

Realization Process Meditation 
Practices for Embodied Nondual Awakening

Online Format – October 12-December 15, 2017; February-April 27, 2018

12 classes on Zoom: Fridays, 1:00-2:30 Eastern (all classes are recorded and available for download; you do not need to attend the classes in real time), weekly practice with a partner from within the group, monthly practice with someone from outside of the group, email q&a with Judith.

Cost - $1300 ($950 if you are repeating the Meditation training)

Realization Process Embodiment 
Practices to Awaken Foundational Consciousness in the Whole Body

In Woodstock, New York.  November 10-14, 2017; May 4-8, 2018

Cost - $1460 ($1060 if you are repeating the Embodiment training). This does not include lodging.  There are many hotels and airbnbs in the area.

Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy
Applying Foundational Consciousness to Psychological Healing

In Los Altos Hills, California (near San Francisco).  February 16-20, 2018; April 6-10, 2018

Cost - $1500 ($1100 for people repeating the Spiritual Psychotherapy training). This does not include lodging.  There are many hotels and airbnbs in the area.

Completion of any of the trainings qualifies you to be listed on the teachers page of the website.  Full certification is awarded at the completion of all three trainings.  The trainings can be taken in any order.

For more details, and to register, or for information on upcoming Realization Process workshops please visit the workshops and events page or the trainings page at or contact Judith:



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